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This Cinema 4D plugin converts all Corona material inside a scene to C4D equivalent

The intent is to support FBX and similar file export and NOT to make a full material conversion. This means not all Corona features are supported. Because only bitmaps are supported by export formats, this plugin has focused on them.

Cinema 4D does not support materials during export if they are not internal. So this plugin tries to limit this gap.

It maintains all bitmap directly loaded into C4D Bitmap and Corona Bitmap shaders.

On the other hand, it not (yet) supports other kinds of shaders.


  • C4D R21 – S26
  • Corona 1 – 9
  • Win – Mac


Vers. 2.3.0

  • Added support for Corona 9
  • Fixed bug relative to materials not assigned to any object
  • Fixed bug in recursive shaders conversion function

Vers. 2.2.0

  • Added alert when no materials applied to any object in scene.
  • Fixed bug with no texture applied to reflection.

Vers. 2.1.0

  • Shaders conversion is now a recursive function through whole material structure
  • Added option to store and reset all settings in options dialog

Vers. 2.0.0

  • Added support for Corona V8.
  • Added support for S26.
  • Added support for Physical Materials.
  • Added bypass for following shaders supported by Cinema 4D:
    • Color Correct
    • Color Mix
    • Corona Shared
    • Distance
    • Mixture Shader
    • Select Shader
    • UVW Randomizer
  • Added support for following shaders:
    • AO -> converted to Ambient Occlusion (if textures present will create a Fusion shader).
    • Triplanar -> will be kept only X channel (Conversion may produce results that do not conform to the original.).
  • Changed pluign icon to use directly or with options dialog (cogwheel).
  • Added final report of compatibility issues, also written in Python Console window.

Vers. 1.1.0

  • Added support for R23.
  • Added final report of unsupported materials not converted (if found).

Vers. 1.0.1

  • Fixed failure on registering plugin for Mac users.

Vers. 1.0.0

  • Support for all colors in primary Corona channels.
  • Support for Add, Subtract, Multiply and Normal mixing feature under each texture channel.
  • Support for Corona Bitmap and simple C4D Bitmap.
  • Support for Bump, Normal(shader) and displacement.
  • Possibility to choose conversion for all materials in document or only for selected.
  • Possibility to clean all old and unassigned materials after conversion (also sorting).
  • Normal/Bump channel automatic assignment.
  • Possibility to not discard all C4D original shaders.


In future (hope close) version 1.2.0 the following feature are in the workshop:

  • Possibility to not discard all not supported shaders.
  • Possibility to Bake all shaders(non bitmaps) into bitmaps.
  • Choose Bake resolution.
  • Support for more Corona material types.
  • Automatic conversion of Translucency channel


  • After downloading file extract it into your Cinema 4D plugin folder (E.G.: “C:\Program files\Maxon CInema 4D R21\plugins”)
  • At first execution you’ll be asked to fill with email and license key (you received by email)
    After that, you’ll never request for this info.

Remember that a license key is valid only on one machine.

If you reset your hardware or change Cinema 4D installation, plugin may not work.

You can contact us if the case.


You can open Options Dialog by clicking on the cogwheel near plugin icon:

Otherwise you can click on icon and execute it directly with chosen settings.

  • Only Selected Materials
    Will convert only materials active in Materials view.
  • Purge Old and Unused Materials
    At the end of the process will purge all unused materials.
  • Skip C4D Shaders
    All C4D shaders different from Bitmap will be skipped.
  • Sort Materials
    At the end of the process will sort materials in their view.
  • Store Options
    You can Store on disk or Reset all settings in Options Dialog.

Example of conversion features:

Samples from the Corona Library

Same scene converted in c4d materials

NOTE: CoronaToC4D Material Converter acts only on materials assigned to objects (or if you prefer on objects with material tags assigned).

Download CoronaToC4D Material Converter from Gumroad:

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2 commenti

gianluca2.faberi · 14 Giugno 2022 alle 18:25

it skipped all the materials. i don’t figure it out the meaning of this plugin

    massimo cafarella · 16 Novembre 2022 alle 9:24

    As in the instructions, materials have to be applied to objects to be converted.
    Please check they are applied.
    Also just resolved an issue on some cases with materials not applied to objects.

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