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A free plugin that creates frames with mullions and panels with 1 click!!

And if not enough it als add Cinema 4D materials to it

It can be applied to every polygon object (not generators) and it works on all polygons inside it

It’s possible also to apply it only to selected polygons



Vers. 1.1.1
  • Added support for Cinema 4D R23
Vers. 1.1.0
  • Added support for Cinema 4D S22
Vers. 1.0.1
  • Set IOR for panels to 1.4 value (for R19 default is 1)
Vers. 1.0.0
  • Choose Size and Depth of elements
  • Options to exclude frame, mullions or panels from creation
  • Apply Bevel and option to do not it
  • Apply materials and option to do not it
  • Option to reuse previous applied materials or if you prefer to create new materials every time
  • Option to preserve original geometry
  • Feature to store Values inserted in dialog and button to reset original plugin values


  • After downloading file extract it into your Cinema 4D plugin folder (E.G.: “C:\Program files\Maxon CInema 4D R21\plugins”)

That’s all… Enjoy it.


  • Frame Size: width of the frame
  • Frame Depth: depth of the frame
  • Frame Max Angle: angle between polygons for frame creation
  • Mullions Size: width of the mullions
  • Mullions Depth: depth of the mullions
  • Panel Depth: depth of the panels
  • Bevel Offset: bevel value applied to deformer

    All frame, mullions and panels are inserted into a group and bevel deformer is applied to it

  • Preserve Original Object: if checked original geometry is preserved

    If not checked there will be two cases:
    1. whole geometry selected-> original object deleted
    2. partial polygons selection-> only delected polygons of original object are deleted

  • Create Materials: will be created a Cinema 4D default material for each element
  • Reuse Default Materials: if checked new executions of plugin will not generate new sets of materials.
    If you want to apply independent materials to many frames uncheck this option
  • Store Values: store all values of plugin dialog in a file on hard disk

    File is “def.ini” and is located in plugin directory under Cinema 4D preferences folder.

  • Store Values -> Reset: this button reset default plugin values.

Known Issues

We are working on them, be patient.

  • Deformation of mullion when selected inward corners:

Download FrameIt plugin from Gumroad:


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3 commenti

glmr · 12 Aprile 2020 alle 22:56

good idea but it doesn’t work as it should just becase it leaves central polygons instead of keeping only frames and mulions

t.b.a_3d · 23 Settembre 2020 alle 23:10

It´s not working. Also in the past versions.
Tried it with R19 or R20 on Win 10.
The plugin dialog options are very nice, but the result is a mess.
The material splitting and seperation into the polygon parts are working.
BUT the RESULTS of the polygon parts are wrong/mess !!!
This must be fixed !
How to get in contact with you to sent some Frame It error pictures?

Best regards,

    massimo cafarella · 24 Settembre 2020 alle 8:57

    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I tested it on R19 and all seems to be OK.

    I tried various combinations of parameters and never seen results like you posted.

    Can you recreate issue and post dialog options screen?

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