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It’s an useful Cinema 4D plugin that converts all V-Ray material inside a scene to C4D equivalent

The intent is to support .FBX and similar file export and NOT to make a full material conversion. This means not all V-Ray features are supported. Because only bitmaps are supported by export formats, this plugin has focus on them.

Cinema 4D does not support materials during export if they are not internal. So this plugin tries to limit this gap.

On the other hand it not (yet) supports other kind of shaders.


Vers. 2.0.0

  • Added compatibility with V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D. Also mantained compatibility with older 3.7 version.
  • Support for V-Ray 5 Metallic and Coat features.
  • Support for Displacement:
    V-Ray 5 geometry tag if present will be converted into C4D material displacement channel.

Example of many V-Ray 5 feature supported

Vers. 1.2.0

  • V-Ray supported up to Vers. 3.7.
  • Added compatibility with Cinema 4D R23.
  • Added report message when materials or shaders skipped from conversion.
  • Changed default option value of “Purge Old and Unused Materials” to True.
  • Changed default option value of “Do not discard C4D shaders” to True.

Vers. 1.1.3

  • Fixed failure when used PowerShader other than Bitmap and AdvancedBitmap(but not yet supported)

Vers. 1.1.2

  • Fixed failure when no tags are present on the left of material tags

Vers. 1.1.1

  • Fixed failure on registering plugin for Mac users

Vers. 1.1.0

  • Fixed Roughness values
  • Added Support for V-Ray Displacement Material

Vers. 1.0.0

  • Support for all colors in primary Vray channels
  • Support for Add, Subtract, Multiply and Normal mixing feature under each texture channel
  • Support for V-Ray Bitmap(Power Shader), V-Ray Advanced Bitmap, and simple C4D Bitmap.
  • Support for V-Ray 2 Sided Material (Will be replaced by Front Side Material)
  • Possibility to choose conversion for all materials in document or only for selected.
  • Possibility to clean all old and unassigned materials after conversion (also sorting)
  • Normal/Bump channel automatic assigment
  • Possibility to not discard all C4D original shaders


In future (hope close) version the following feature are in the workshop:

  • Possibility to not discard all not supported shaders.
  • Possibility to Bake all shaders(non bitmaps) into bitmaps.
  • Choose Bake resolution.
  • Support for more V-Ray material types.
  • Support for more than one V-Ray specular channel.


  • After downloading VRayToC4D.zip file extract it into your Cinema 4D plugin folder (E.G.: “C:\Program files\Maxon CInema 4D R 21\plugins”)
  • At first execution you’ll be asked to fill with email and license key (you received by email)
    After that, you’ll never request for this info.

Remember that a license key is valid only on one machine.

If you reset your hardware or change Cinema 4D installation, plugin won’t work.

You can contact us if the case.


Vers. 1.x Options Dialog

Vers. 2.x Option Dialog.

  • Only Selected Materials
    Will convert only materials active in Materials view.
  • Purge Old and Unused Materials
    At the end of process will purge all unused materials and sort them.
  • Skip C4D Shaders (Vers. 2.x) / Do not discard C4D Shaders (Vers. 1.x)
    Allow C4D shaders different from Bitmap to be converted or not.

Example of conversion:

NOTE: VRayToC4D Material Converter acts only on materials assigned to objects (or if you prefer on objects with material tags assigned).

Download VRayToC4D Material Converter from Gumroad:


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20 commenti

bruno · 18 Aprile 2020 alle 10:18

che mi serve

VINCENZO MINENNA · 20 Aprile 2020 alle 18:59

ma esiste un video che dimostra cosa riesce a fare questo software?

    massimo cafarella · 20 Aprile 2020 alle 20:21

    Salve, grazie per l’interessamento. Sono in preparazione effettivamente.

madsbknudsen · 12 Agosto 2020 alle 14:19

Doesnt work on R20. It only converts 1 material with no textures?

    massimo cafarella · 12 Agosto 2020 alle 16:56

    Hi Madsbknudsen,
    We tested on R20 and it works correctly.
    It converts all materials excerpt if “only selected” if checked.
    For textures are supported images, V-Ray images, V-Ray advanced images. Not all procedural.
    Feel free to post your c4d scene we’ll check it for possible issues.
    Best regards.

EMA3D · 8 Dicembre 2020 alle 18:52

Salve, vorrei sapere se è possibile scaricare una demo o provare il plugin.

EMA3D · 8 Dicembre 2020 alle 19:04

Inoltre, questo plugin serve solo per esportare come specificato sopra oppure anche per importare oggetti con materiali Vray e renderizzarli con il Physical Render di C4d? (esclusi ovviamente tutti i layer procedurali ecc.) Grazie

    massimo cafarella · 9 Dicembre 2020 alle 10:47

    Per ora pochi shaders sono riconosciuti dal plugin. Per questi è possibile renderizzare con i motori interni di C4D.

EMA3D · 9 Dicembre 2020 alle 10:52

Grazie, mi spiego meglio. Se acquistassi degli oggetti c4d con materiali vray (che solitamente hanno solo mappe bitmap) potrei utilizzarli con il Pysical Render usufruendo della conversione dei materiali?

    massimo cafarella · 9 Dicembre 2020 alle 12:42

    Certamente. Sono supportate sia le c4d bitmap che le advanced bitmap e le bitmap nei powershaders. Se però la bitmap è in un powershader come color corrections etc. no. Ma si può sempre mettere la bitmap al 1 livello dello shader e poi convertire.

EMA3D · 9 Dicembre 2020 alle 11:01

Ho provato tre volte ad acquistarlo con PayPal ma Gumroad non mi permette di terminare l’operazione… “No able…” appare per neanche un secondo questa scritta. Sia ieri che oggi…

    massimo cafarella · 9 Dicembre 2020 alle 12:43

    Grazie mille della segnalazione, sento subito che problemi hanno in Gumroad.

    massimo cafarella · 9 Dicembre 2020 alle 13:01

    Mi hanno risposto subito chiedendomi uno screenshot del punto dove si blocca. Riesce a farmelo avere? Grazie mille, mi dispiace per l’inconveniente.

chroma · 23 Gennaio 2021 alle 20:15

This fails on all 40 something vray materials in my scene in R23 with latest plugin. It skips them all. I was hopeful for this but it looks like I just wasted 10 bucks

    massimo cafarella · 23 Gennaio 2021 alle 23:06

    Dear chroma,
    I’m very sorry because Vers. 1.2.0 you bought supports V-Ray up to Vers. 3.7, but I forgot to write in description. This was the bad new.
    The good one is I’m just finishing version 2.0.0 of plugin (question of hours) that supports new V-Ray 5 system, with also more shaders support than before.
    I’ll contact you soon to give it exclusively to you for free.
    This is to apologize for the inconvenience.
    Best regards.

CCC · 21 Luglio 2021 alle 13:26

My company uses the old cinema4DR15 for several reasons.
Is it possible to improve it so that it can be started even with R15?
I understand that it is a very difficult order.

    massimo cafarella · 22 Luglio 2021 alle 11:09

    I really never tested it on release 15 and I don’t know how to find it.
    Could be it works on it.
    Unfortunately it’s not on schedules to develope it.
    I suggest to buy plugins, try and if not working proceed with cash back.
    Best regards.

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